Installation Process

Step 1

The first step in the actual installation is to prepare the ground for the new borders. A 12" wide by 1-1/2" deep cut is made using a sod cutter, or if we are following an existing edge, the landscape material, (rock, mulch etc..) is pulled back to make room for the new border. Care is taken along the way to ensure the least impact on the yard and landscape.

Step 2

Concrete is mixed on site. A blend of portland cement, concrete sand and water is mixed and then transported to the area with wheel barrows. Again, no heavy equipment or cement trucks tearing up your yard.

Step 3

The concrete is then fed into an extruding machine, compacted and pushed out through the desired mold. Because no forms are needed, we are able to create flowing curves, straight lines and even circles if desired.

Step 4

The border is then finished with specially designed trowels that are matched to the mold to ensure a smooth, void free border. Textures and patterns would then be applied if called for.

Step 5

Control joints are cut in the border every 2-3 feet to help control the ground forces. All of our borders are sealed on the day of installation with a quality Xylene based sealer. This helps by slowing the curing process and also helps keep colors from fading and protects the concrete from the elements.

Step 6

Landscaping can be resumed 72 hours after your border installation. Care must still be taken, the borders will reach their full cure at 28 days.