Lawn Maintenance

Our lawn maintenance program includes: mowing, edging, blowing and trimming. We pay close attention to details. We offer weekly lawn care at a discounted rate. First Lawn Care or sporadic service may reflect a higher rate. Curbside Lawn Care & Decorative Curb, Inc provides year round service. In the fall and winter months we will provide services on a regular basis to control fallen leaves and other debris.


We pride ourselves on our ability to make a lawn look it's best. With the commercial grade mowers that we use, a perfect cut is definitely guaranteed. There is also the option of having the grass mulched or collected and we highly recommend it. Collected clippings can either be disposed of on your personal property or we can have them removed. If you would like more information about our mowers or the benefits of mulching you can contact us.

Sidewalk and Driveway Edging

Edging a sidewalk or driveway gives a lawn a crisp, well maintained look. Edging can be a once a week job or a once a season job it all depends on the size and type of your lawn and your personal preference.

Hedge and Small Bush Trimming

We have the ability to trim and shape small bushes and hedges to suit your needs. With gas powered hedge trimmers and a steady hand we carefully shape the bushes so that they receive the optimum water and sunlight.

Leaf Removal

With Spring and Fall seasons comes the need to remove leaves that remain on the ground. Have you ever seen a yard in the Fall when the leaves have fallen and been left for weeks. It doesn't look its best because leaves make your lawn look unkept, and some leaves can acutely damage your grass if left unattended. Therefore, we collect and remove leaves, or place them in a compost pile on your property. Either way your lawn will look fresh and healthy while others look like they are covered in a leaf like blanket.

Post Mowing Clean Up

The job isn't finished until everything is cleaned-off. We use gas powered blowers to blow-off the driveway, sidewalk, and porches so that there aren't any grass clippings left behind when we leave. Keeping your lawn crisp and nice.


Topiary to free-form, pruning is essential to enhance the health and beauty of your trees and schrubs. Each landscape is unique and requires different pruning needs. Curbside Lawn Care & Decorative Curb, Inc will personalize a program for your landscape.